Question & Answers

How much can the client expect to pay for a home inspection?  
This is usually the only question that we know to ask as a potential home buyer.  Simply because many of us have not had a home inspection before, so we do not know what else to ask.  Here are some helpful questions to ask when you are choosing a home inspector:

What are the inspector's qualifications?
I have been a full time inspector for over 16 years. That experience helps me to find many discrepancies in a home.  I have a college education.  That is helpful is communicating to my clients via the inspection report.  I have been a manager with a major utility in the State of Alabama.  That helps me to manage my time and resources.  I sincerely seek to do the best job possible for you.

Am I an active member of the local realtor association?
Yes.  Being involved with the local realtors keeps me up to date on the local demands of the market.

How long does it take to receive my report after the inspection?
All of my inspection reports are completed and emailed back to the client as a PDF document within 24 hours after the inspection.

How much does the inspection cost?​  A typical house under 2000 square foot usually cost approximately $300 - $500.  The larger the house, the more the inspection costs.

What other items can be included in my home inspection?  I do a complete inspection of swimming pools.  I also do a dye inspection of private septic systems.

Here are some typical items that are found on an inspection.  I also recommend looking at my sample report on the previous page.

An improperly repaired roof.
Water stains on hall walls.
Settlement crack on interior walls.
Signs of mold growth on bathrom ceiling.
Signs of overheating inside the breaker panel.
Evidence of wood eating insects.
Damaged vent pipe flashing.
Creosote build up inside the fireplace.